Daniel, the Bishop, and Forgiveness

Of all the stories from 2003, this one best reveals a quality that marked the men and women we interviewed, a spirit of forgiveness and...

Daniel and Three Men of the Cloth

In this blog post, Daniel Szabo reflects on Janos Peter and Tibor Bartha, bishops in Debrecen, Hungary’s Reformed “Jerusalem.” Szabo also...

Ilona Racsok - Chemist and Pastor

At the end of his life, Jozsef Berenyi saw reasons for hope, and one sign was his daughter, Ilona Racsok. Only after the changes of 1989...

Honored Preacher - Country Parson

Berenyi's story reflects the relentless pressure on the Christian church during communist days.

Living in a Materialist World

The new year is upon us with all its complications, hopes, and fears. I want to wish all my readers many blessed moments of daily...

Jozsef Berenyi - Renewed

Jozsef Berenyi, a retired pastor whose story revealed the unsettling reality that Reformed church leaders willingly chose to collaborate.

Over the Border And Into Ukraine

. For Daniel, trust was not an abstract concept, but something he put into practice.

Into the Underground

It’s all right to cry, but we may not stop with the crying; we must also work. The Lord helped me commit myself to underground work.

And Then the Police

Unfortunately, the police were interested in me and my writings; I was arrested and interrogated in Debrecen for about a year.

A Change of Plans

I felt during this writing that God really filled me up with an inner joy.

Daniel Szabo: Seminary Rebel

Though some professors and students were silenced out of fear, the spirit of the revolution continued to ferment in seminaries.

The Student World of Daniel Szabo

To understand the context of Daniel Szabo’s story, I went back to, The Lean Years, a small book by Gyula Gombos, a Hungarian Reformed...

A Reluctant Seminarian

"I remembered the way my family behaved . . . not compelled to act in reaction . . . but to look out for those in need. "

The Formation of a Preacher's Kid

We were not thinking about political movements, but about communities, persecuted people, poor people, needy situations . . .


This post marks a shift away from Romania and Ukraine to Hungary and the testimonies of Daniel Szabo and Joszef Berenyi.

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